magical reality

Every person helps to create reality. Some create consciously, others unconsciously. It can take a while, a long while, to learn how to create consciously. But every person gets there in the end.

It’s not about thinking. It's about knowing. The less you think, the more you remember how to know. People who think they know, don't know, not properly. Thinking gets you know where.

Part of it is convincing your self and your mind that you don’t want or need anything, that you are not invested in any specific outcomes, that you are not attached even to the concept of having outcomes in general.

Know this: what you think is real. But what you know is more real. So let’s get real. Reality is magical. Here’s how to make magic. Here’s how to kill and save Schrodinger’s cat, with or without observers. Here's how to make uncertainty certain. Here's how to complete incompleteness, complement complementarity. Here’s the real thing, the big one, the secret of ages, the philosopher’s stone, the elixir of life, the one ring to bind them all.

So listen closely and I’ll explain the nature of reality, and the meaning and purpose of life. But before I do, answer me two questions: Why do you want to know? And what are you going to do with the information?

Your Creator knows that somewhere in the forbidden chambers of your innermost mind, somewhere within you is a place to which you may never return. Or, out of fear or ignorance, have never entered. In that place is the knowledge you fear and love above all else. And to make progress in this or any life, you must open the door to that secret chamber, and lovingly welcome that which you find there.

And if you can’t, tough shit.

Copyright © S R Schwarz 2007. All rights reserved.

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