capturing thought

Somewhere, somehow, somewhen, someone discovered a secret process to capturing thought. The discovery of the secret process meant that thought could be transported from one place to another; transplanted from one mind to another. The discovery meant that a bridge could be built between the realm of intangible, immaterial things like thoughts, ideas, memories and the like, and the realm of material, physical things like rocks, bodies, water, dust and the like. Amazing, don't you think?

Unfortunately, there is one small problem: thoughts and meanings captured or transported by means of the secret process become distorted, damaged, even destroyed. However, people do not allow that small problem to get in the way of using the secret process to capture, transport and transplant thought.

So, what do they call the amazing discovery that enabled a bridge to be built between the material and the immaterial? They call it "language", of course.

Copyright © S R Schwarz 2007. All rights reserved.

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