anger: an acquired taste

Anger is an acquired taste, just like blue cheese, frogs legs or witchetty grubs. When you first try anger, you’re not sure you like it. But you soon learn to appreciate it. You soon learn how much more enjoyable it is to succumb to anger than to manage it.

Many times have I been drunk on Anger. The oh-so-delectable feeling of being out of control---of being authorised, empowered even, to transgress boundaries you wouldn’t normally cross.

Rage is an even headier brew--the bitter toxicity of it burns your throat as you gulp it down. Rage makes you feel …fine and hot.

Then there are the bittersweet flavours of Resentment, Disappointment and Humiliation. Not to mention the more exotic delights of Despair, Jealousy, Unrequited Lust. As for the sweeter, more wholesome dishes, I’ve tasted Joy on the odd occasion, Peace once or twice, Tranquility now and then.

Some people are hooked on Loneliness, others addicted to Self-abasement. Speaking personally, over the years I’ve drunk deep at the well of Selfishness. And worshipped at the Shrine of Pain. Acquired tastes, all of them. And how we love ‘em.

But remember this, there are things that hurt a lot more than pain---the belief that one is alone, for instance, separate from others and from God.

Copyright © S R Schwarz 2007. All rights reserved.

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