all there is to it

OK. Let's get real. Here's how you make magic. Here's how you kill Schrödinger's cat. Here's the secret. The big one. The Philosopher's Stone. The Elixir of Life. The One Ring to bind them All. The Real Thing.

Want to know how to make enemies disappear? Know you have none. Want to have sex with anyone you please? Think about it--you do. Want to have everything there is to have? All the tastes, sights, aromas, sensations, pleasures, and pains of the flesh, the mind, the soul? Remember--that's all there is to it. Know. Be.

Look. Listen. Hear. Grok that what I'm trying to tell you is that you can be, do, have anything. Just choose it. But you can't do, be, have anything you want. Because you wouldn't want it if you already have it. And if you already have it, you don't lack it.

Copyright © S R Schwarz 2007. All rights reserved.

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