reality is as reality does

To understand the nature of reality, and to communicate the nature of reality to others requires context-independence. Context-free thinking is a pre-requisite to such understanding, and the use of context-free language is a pre-requisite to the effective expression of such understanding to others.

The lemma is continuous not discreet: the less context-dependence, the closer to the true nature of reality. Quantum physics is an approximation. Reality is foamy. Waves, not particles. Appearances to the contrary.

The challenge is to rigorously strip, scrub, abrade, scrape, remove all types and instances of context from cogitation and elucidation, so that the biggest, purest meaning emerges.

What types of context are there? The types are too numerous to list, but for the purposes of this post here are some examples: contexts of person, of culture, of mind, of identity, of family, of paradigm, of shared belief, of species-hood, of genus-hood, of domain-hood, of family-hood, and many more. How can I understand everything within the narrow context of my finite mind? How can I understand everything within the constrained context of a wholly materialistic culture? How can I embrace the All with arms as wide only as wide as my arms are wide? How can I explain deity in a language with no words for the thought that I wish to express here but clearly cannot without the words to do so?

The reason why god does not take a particular shape or form or context is that god is all shapes and forms and contexts.

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