gender-neutral pronouns

One of the deficiencies of the English language as she is spoke or writ is the lack of gender-neutral pronouns. As any corporate comms practitioner or PR hack will attest: "he/she", "his/hers", "him/her" and "himself/herself" are clumsy; "it" and "its" are dehumanising; and "they", "their" and "them" are ungrammatical in the singular.

So let's all just agree on a new set of gender-neutral pronouns? How about "ze" for "he" or "she, "zem" for "him" or "her", "zer" for "his" or "her", "zers" for "his" or "hers", and "zerself" for "himself" or "herself".

I use these new pronouns in everything I write, including this and other blogs. For example: "Ze remembered when zer life was under control, when ze could look at zerself in a mirror without becoming afraid."

A language is a living, breathing, evolving thing. So come on people, it's just a numbers game. Tell your friends, your enemies, your colleagues, your children, your parents. Let's get it up and happening.

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